We do not arbitrarily set our shipping based on the price of the order.  when you order by telephone we use the price set by the UPS computer based on weight and your location. With online ordering we have to use set prices. We have had other Fiat parts distributors charge us $17.90 shipping for a $101.10 order, and then mail the parts for $3.80. We have a scale attached to our UPS shipping computer, and it determines the amount of shipping we charge you, plus a small fee to cover the price of shipping supplies. 

How to order/Payment Methods:

The easiest way to order from us is by telephone. We can assist you in determining the correct part, the best shipping method, and get your shipping address, and payment information. We accept all major credit cards. YOU CAN USE YOUR BANK DEBIT CARD IF IT HAS A VISA OR MASTERCARD LOGO. All prices are in US Dollars. why would you expect otherwise?

We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express & Discover & Paypal.  If you send us a Money Order or Certified check, we will wait until it clears the Federal Reserve banks before we ship. We will not accept Personal Checks! We do not do C.O.D.!


Attention Canadians, and overseas customers. if you order online, the online payment method cannot calculate overseas shipping. you must contact us to get the correct shipping amount before paying.

If your want to order by mail, Please call us for the current prices, and shipping charges before sending your money order, we try to keep prices down, but due to currency fluctuations, etc. it's best to call first.  You must include shipping money with your order!

Our business hours are: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Central time. We are in West Texas, so please time your phone calls to match our business hours! It is very frustrating to see that you have called us off hours, and we missed you. You may place your order by phone during Business hours, or by E-mail.

If you are a lucky enough to be a Texas resident, you need to include 8.25% sales tax.

When ordering for either side of the car, the DRIVERS side is always considered the LEFT side. Parts are "each", as stated in the catalog, do not assume that related parts are included.

 We work hard to give you the best possible prices. if we list a price on these pages, they are current prices on items we have recently imported, and reflect the changes in the Euro, and our suppliers prices. 

OUR SHIPPING POLICY: we only ship with , they are the only ones we trust.

Attention Overseas Visitors: THIS SITE IS FOR USA MODEL FIAT AUTOMOBILES ONLY! we have not had new fiats in the USA since 1985. Fiat left in 1982. Pininfarina spiders and Bertone X1/9's were sold until 1985, and 1988. So please do not contact us about fiats manufactured after those years. We have no parts for UNOs, Pandas, Barchettas, or any fiat or lancias built after those years. We do not have Fiat tractor or industrial engine parts! The newest fiat based automobile was the Yugo, from 1986-1991. parts for those cars are at www.yugoparts.com. thank you.

per i nostri clienti italiani, si prega di contattarci via email, e useremo google per tradurre la tua email. Grazie Fiat Autoricambi Fiat Parts Warehouse.

Return Policy:

No parts, other than cores that were charged for, may be returned without prior approval .  Special order parts, parts that we do not normally stock, cannot be returned.

Disclaimer of Warranties: Any warranty on the products sold hereby are those made by the manufacturer of the parts. The Seller, OTP LLC, expressly disclaims all warranties, either expressed or implied. including  warranty of merchantability of fitness for a particular purpose. OTP LLC neither assumes, nor authorizes any other person to assume for its liability in connection with sale of such products. OTP LLC is not responsible for any labor on the installation of said products.