How to order/Payment Methods/Shipping:

 The easiest way to order from us is by telephone. We can assist you in determining the correct part, the best shipping method, and get your shipping address, and payment information. We accept all major credit cards. Out of state buyers are responsible for paying any local sales taxes. Parts houses, and Repair shops, please call in your order to get the commercial shipping rates. Texas automotive businesses, we need your tax exemption number.

At the bottom of the page is the Fedex shipping map to help you determine how long a order will take to get to you. Of course, you can get the shipment faster by choosing faster shipping methods. you can call us, and we will check the Fedex shipping computer to tell you the choices. Fedex picks up around 3:00 pm central time, so call as early as you can.

Here is the rate table used by our online billing software. This shipping is only for the 49 contiguous US states. Shipping to Alaska and  Hawaii may be calculated by the online software, but are not correct. also, if the overseas customers order online, the shipping costs if calculated are not correct. we will send you an invoice for the correct shipping if shipping calculated say for instance a heavy 2nd day package, we will need to charge a shipping surcharge for those items.

Shipping Rates: online orders only-standard shipping, faster shipping will be more expensive
From(USD) To(USD) Rate(USD)
0.01 14.99 7.95
15.00 99.00 14.99
99.01 150.00 17.99
150.01 250.00 20.99
250.01 and up 26.99




When you order by telephone we use the price set by the Fedex or UPS computer or USPS website based on weight, size of the package and your location.

 With online ordering we have to use set prices based on the cost of the part. We have tried to set online postage on small items  Two problems came up...if you order the item online and then more parts, the online software added the postage price to rest of the shipping. and Canadians and other overseas people expected to have the parts mailed for USA rates.

shipping to europe.

your representatives in europe have enacted even more draconian import laws.

"All U.S. companies should use the EORI number for their customs clearances, which must be formally requested from the customs authorities of the specific Member State to which the company first exports. Member State customs authorities may request additional documents to be submitted alongside a formal request for an EORI number"

this is beyond what i will tolerate. how would i know your eroi number?  if you do not provide it when you order i wil not ship to you. we are certainly not going to get a eroi number for our company.

they want, copy and paste the link below into your browser

OnePager_EU_v2 Folder_OnePager_EU_v3.indd (

Why we will not ship via federal express to Canada

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) initiative is underway, and it’s changing the way businesses will import into Canada. Both resident and non-resident importers who use FedEx brokerage services and want to continue to be the importer of record and pay duties and taxes must create an account in the CARM Client Portal (CCP). Setting up your CCP account in advance will help prevent your shipments from getting delayed at the border or returned to you when CARM Release 2 goes into effect.
Five steps to take now
1 First, complete Power of Attorney (POA) or General Agency Agreement (GAA). To request our POA/GAA package, email
2 Next, obtain a Canadian Business Number if you don’t already have one.
3 Then, create your Personal Profile/User Account and register your business by linking it to your User Account. By default, you will become the Business Account Manager (BAM). Watch these videos for a step-by-step walk-through on how to create and link your account
4 After that, approve the Delegation of Authority. While in the CCP, click ‘Manage Pending 3rd Party Requests’ and delegate authority to ‘FedEx Trade Networks Transport & Brokerage (Canada), Inc.’ This will confirm our business relationship and allow us to continue to act as your customs broker. Watch this video on how to delegate authority in the CCP.
5 Lastly, post financial security by acquiring a customs bond or making a cash deposit to obtain ‘Release Prior to Payment’ (RPP) privileges. The RPP program is critical, as it allows for commercial goods to be released at the border and helps ensure shipments meet CBSA security requirements. For help obtaining an RPP bond, please contact us at

Our business hours are: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Central time. We are in north Texas, so please time your phone calls to match our business hours! It is very frustrating to see that you have called us off hours, and we missed you. You may place your order by phone during Business hours, or by E-mail, by US mail, or with the online ordering shopping cart.

You can use our online ordering system, but it will set the shipping costs, we will be able to give you more accurate shipping, especially on multiple items if you call us with the order.  Besides, we enjoy talking to our fellow Fiat owners. Overseas buyers, once you have paid for the parts, we will send you an invoice for the shipping charges.

On the Fiat online parts catalog. please click on the  button to purchase the part. not all items we stock have "add to cart button's" yet. please contact us on any items not set to buy online, or not listed.

We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover. If you send us a Money Order or Certified check, we will wait until clears the Federal Reserve bank before we ship. We will not accept Personal Checks! We do not do C.O.D.!  We have been told by amex that they will take our money in a chargeback if we do not ship to the billing address on the card.

if your want to order by mail, Please call us for the current prices, and shipping charges before sending your money order, we try to keep prices down, but due to currency fluctuations, etc. it's best to call first.  You must include money for shipping with your order!

You do not have to create an account to order from the webpage because we do not store your online credit card information.

If you are a Texas resident, you need to include 8.25% sales tax.

Attention overseas customers, you do not need to email us to inquire about what postage will cost to your country, we do not have set shipping costs. for overseas shipping.  you can just go to or and  calculate it online. we charge what they charge.

For our international buyers. You are responsible for the customs charges that your country charges you. You are also responsible for the brokerage charges that Fedex may charge you. On items to Canada, we mark the shipments "antique auto parts" "duty exempt" "code 9966.00.00" to help you out.

When ordering for either side of the car, the DRIVERS side is always considered the LEFT side in the USA. Parts are "each", as stated in the catalog, do not assume that related parts are included.

 We work hard to give you the best possible prices. if we list a price on these pages, they are current prices on items we have recently imported, and reflect the changes in the Euro, and our suppliers prices. 

Photographs are intended as illustrations only and actual product may differ from photograph, and may change without notice. Fiat part numbers are listed for reference only and do not indicate parts are original equipment. Prices are subject to change without notice due to currency fluctuations and other factors. All books, manuals, and wiring diagrams, and all electrical components (including ignition and fuel injection components) are non-returnable. Special Order items may not be cancelled or returned for any reason. 

OUR SHIPPING POLICY: we ship  with ,