we are an Importer/Distributor of Fiat plus Yugo parts in San Angelo Texas. We import directly from Italy, and International Fiat suppliers. I bought my first Fiat in Cleveland Ohio in 1972. (1969 124 Sports Coupe), in the midwest Fiat 124 and X1/9 rust really badly, so I moved to Texas. I have worked at Fiat dealers, and Fiat Parts houses since 1972. We know these cars! (That's our '85 spider on the top left)

ALL OUR PARTS ARE NEW, unless stated otherwise. Our sources are OEM Fiat, and Major Fiat Parts Suppliers. We do not stock parts based on if they "have legs" like some of the new kids in town. We are a full line Fiat Parts distributor. 

We were a factory authorized Fiat parts and Service center when Fiat was in the USA. We actually have 40+ years in the Fiat parts business, we did not buy out an old Aftermarket Fiat parts distributor who hadn't answered the phones in 10 years, and claim to have their experience.  Unless Art and Susan Bayless are sitting next to my competitor who claims 40 years in business, they don't have their knowledge or their inventory. Most of the Bayless parts inventory was exhausted long before they were bought out.