Return Policy.

 when you order parts, you have determined that the parts you order are correct by identifying the parts visually by description on our web site. our website is based on Fiat original equipment part numbers. it is up to you to determine, and order the correct parts. if you cannot use our website, or order by telephone or email, we will assist you in determining the correct parts for your vehicle. we have 40+ years in selling Fiat parts, and if you give us the correct information about your car, we will send you the correct parts. As these cars are on a average 30+ years old, and have had numerous owners, the car may have been modified as to what parts have been installed, so it is possible that further information may be needed to determine the correct parts.  All parts returned must be accompanied by the original invoice. No returns on electrical or special order parts. Special order parts must be pre-paid. All returned parts are subject to a 20% restocking charge. No returns on manuals, or any publications. No returns after 30 days. No returns without prior authorization. 

Items damaged in shipment:

When we ship via Fedex, UPS, or USPS and an item arrives damaged or parts are missing, please contact us immediately, and we will file a claim with the shipper. Do not discard the boxes or packing materials! UPS is very quick to contact you to examine the package and pay for the damaged or missing parts. We have not had a problem with Fedex yet, so we don't know how they handle damages. other vendors state you should contact the shipper, but that's just crazy. it's not your job, it's ours. as far as the US post office if they lose or damage a shipment, we are just out of luck. We can drive to the post office to try to get the insurance, but it is never going to happen.  We just will send you the replacement parts right away. If we mail the shipment, we insure the package and will file a claim with the post office if there is a problem. We will just have to consider anything we mail as a loss.


Disclaimer of Warranties: Any warranty on the products sold hereby are those made by the manufacturer of the parts. The Seller, OTP LLC, expressly disclaims all warranties, either expressed or implied. including  warranty of merchantability of fitness for a particular purpose. OTP LLC neither assumes, nor authorizes any other person to assume for its liability in connection with sale of such products. OTP LLC is not responsible for any labor on the installation of said products.